Life Abroad: Oman

Lisa in Muscat - YES Abroad

Two Months Left?

Things I Will Miss about Oman: (Another List)

  • Chai Zataar, Chai Zataar, Chipate, Kabooli, Mendazi, Fruits, Samosas, and more foods…
  • Spending time with the women in my host family every weekend
  • Outings with my host sister and host cousins
  • Friends at school
  • Practicing Arabic and constantly hearing it
  • The warm weather 
  • Cruising (Driving somewhat aimlessly and listening to music)
  • Excitement that comes with each rainfall or hint of clouds
  • Hearing the early morning call to prayer. It sounds so peaceful and beautiful to my ears.
  • The other YES Abroad Students
  • Celebrating Eid
  • My program coordinator — Fatin
  • Not having to worry about school
  • Laid back life style
  • The normality of families staying out late and shops being open until late all days of the week.
  • Having time to read, discover music, and make art
  • Acceptableness of being late - Omani timing in general 
  • Living near the ocean
  • Telling people that I am living in the grand Middle East
  • Chips Oman
  • Family meals and extended family gatherings
  • Closeness of family
  • Exchange student life <3
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